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Welding Magnetic Arrow Holder

  • Features & Specification


    Welding Magnetic Arrow Holder 


     Magnet, Steel, PP



    ·  The Drixet Powerful Arrow Shaped Magnet Welding Holder is a Perfect arrow magnetic design for holding surfaces together until they can be welded or soldered, and it can be used to align corners for 45, 90, and 135 degree angles, and for up rights, add on’s and anything while welding.

    ·  SPECS: Length: 4”, Width: 6”, Height: ½” With a 1” Hole – Capable of holding up to 50 Lbs.

    ·  QUALITY: These high quality magnets stick solidly to any ferrous metal object and the nice red color will help you locate it when using it.

    ·  DESIGN: The Arrow Shape helps you get multi-positions for perfect welding degrees, and the magnet metal frames are Red Painted and solidly riveted together, the Hole in the center will help you grab it.

    We can customize the style and size according to customers' requirement.


    Color: Blue, Red or Black.



      Used for all Angles in Welding, Soldering, Assembly, Marking-off, Pipe Installation, Hanging Applications, Metalwork’s, Tube Welding, Gluing Together Pieces, Flat Grinding etc.


    Double blister, white box, color box

    Welding Magnetic Arrow Holder Welding Magnetic Arrow Holder Welding Magnetic Arrow Holder

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