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Introduction, Application And Classification Of Magnetic Tools
Nov 07, 2017

Magnetic tools are tools used to assist the mechanical manufacturing process by using electromagnetic technology such as permanent magnet, which can be divided into magnetic jig, magnetic tool, magnetic mould, magnetic auxiliary and so on.Using magnetic tools can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of employees


Some of the magnetic tools are used for car repair and for cleaning up shop iron cutting tools. In Europe, such as North America, Canada, Spain and other European countries, the developed countries in the United States are widely used.


Common tool like : 1.Magnetic Welding Holder、Adjustable Angle Welding Magnet、Welding Magnetic With On/Off Switch、Corner Magnet、Variable Angle Magnetic Welding Holder、Magnetic Ground Block、Welding Magnetic Earth Clamp、Magnetic MIG/TIG Torch Rest.

Useful on welding cutting.


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Nuts Bolts Screws collection : Magnetic Parts Tray、Magnetic Bowl (Magnet:tough stainless steel/ Magnet:Plastic ABS)

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Apply to starting, wrench, sleeve, spray can, spray gun, etc Magnetic Tool Tray、Magnetic Tool Bar、Magnetic Tool Holder、Magnetic Screwdriver Holder、Magnetic Socket Holder、Deluxe Magnetic Spray Can Holder、Magnetic Impact Wrench Holder、Magnetic Spray Gun Holder、Tool Tray、Magnetic Wrecking Bar Holder、Magnetic T Bar Holder、Magnetic Spanner Holder、Magnetic Hanging Tray with Screwdriver Holder

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DIY:Magnetic Wrist Band、Screwdriver Magnetizer Demagnetizer、Magnetic Cup Holder、Magnetic Paintbrush Holder、Magnetic Paper Towel Holder、Magnetic Hardware Storage Drum、Magnet Clip、Nail Starter、Magnetic Glove/Tissue Dispenser、Magnetic Hook、Telescoping Back Scratcher、Telescoping Flexible Duster、Telescoping Camping Fork、Telescoping Fly Swatter、Telescoping Flag、Multi-Groove Bench Vise Jaw Pad

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Magnetic Pick Up Tool:The product is suitable for the ground search, pick up the iron goods, clean the ground iron slag, narrow space pick up.The use range is wide, general hardware factory, electron factory, toy factory, automobile repair shop and so on, as long as have ground iron article, can use, save time and effort, safe and convenient.


Is the core principles of magnetic pickup by with and without magnetic alternating absorb and eliminate iron material, move up and down through the magnet, nails, screws, such as magnetic materials can fall down, achieve the goal of pick up.


Major product sharing:Magnetic Pick Up Tool with Quick Release、Heavy Duty Magnetic Pick Up Tool、Magnetic Floor Sweeper With Quick Release、Magnetic Sweeper、Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool、Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool、Magnetic Pick Up Tool With LED、Magnetic Pick Up Tool With Claw and LED、Flexible Magnetic Working light、Pick Up Tool With Claw.

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